Digital competence and students development! #TIC #CLIL #ICT #AICLE

Dear children,
thank you very much for these wonderful two years together. It has been a pleasure to work with you and to see how you have been enjoying our projects and classes. I really know that what we have done here will be quite useful in your life. I wish you all the best in your future.

Trust your self! The furute is all yours!

1. Kidblog.

A blog for the youngest to have fun and learn! They create, they collaborate, they are the center of the learning process by doing!They can exchange different experiences and write comments in their classmates' entries.

2. Storybird.
The magic world of creation. Students choose a topic, the images and start their own project through stories. Have fun and read all these stories!

Spicy monster and Mars
'My afternoon...' and 'The boy who did not know how to swim'
El mapache solitario.
Mariano hace negocio a la vejez.
Buscando a Toby
The girl who loved surfing!
The polar bear adventure!

2. Gliffy and history.
Creating mental maps and graphics. A funny way to show new topics in science.

The reigns in Modern Ages
Modern Age: Reigns and Culture
Modern Age I
Modern Age II
Modern Age III
Modern Ages IV
Modern Ages V
Transición y democracia

3. Padlet.
Collaborative and interactive poster with images, videos and links done by our kids. Science, special events and European projects at once!.

Spanish coastal landscapes
Relieve montañoso español
European Landscapes: Mountains
Oceans in Europe
Rivers and lakes in Europe
Atlantic and continental climates in Europe
Mediterranean, Mountain and Polar Climates in Europe
Calendario de adviento
eTwinning: Tasty Clil 2.0. My snack: Yummy!
Iearn: Spring in Andalusia I
Iearn: Spring in Andalusia II
Iearn: Spring in Andalusia III

4. Collaborative PPT with Google Drive. Innovation in 'Science'.
Children feel very motivated when a teacher tells them that they are working together about a topic and they need to be a team to build a final task. Have a look to these examples!.

5. eTwinning project: Tasty Clil 2.0.
European projects, ICT and foreign languages. Friends around the world.
  • Christmas jigsaws
The Three Wise Men
The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem
Santa in Bethlehem
6.Podcast: Ivoox
Some projects can just be done using your voice. This is what some our children did when introducing their work about... 
Me on a map

7. Collaborative video...
8. Videocalls.
Meeting people around the world is a fantastic idea to develop the digital and communicative competences. Here we are some of our meetings online this year.

Italy II

9. Glogster: Interactive posters.
Gorgeous! The best way to introduce yourself!

10. Using tablets into the classroom!
11. Digital competences. We disseminate what we do!


El proyecto 'Tasty Clil 2.0" está llegando a su fin este curso escolar. Los niños han trabajado a través de las TIC, entornos colaborativos entre estudiantes y docentes, los intereses del programa ExpoMilano 2015 y hábitos de vida saludables en la alimentación y cultura culinaria europea.

Os dejamos este resumen de las últimas tareas de nuestro alumnado de 6º a través del Twinspace del proyecto.

1. Seleccionar algunos "snacks" saludables.
2. Elaborar la receta  en inglés de forma sencilla.
3. Publicarlo en nuestro blog de alumnado Kidblog.
4. Reenviar esta información a través del Twinspace del proyecto.
5. Grabar un vídeo con las tabletas por el alumnado preparando cada una de las recetas.
6. Subir estos vídeos finales al Twinspace para compartirlo.
7. Seleccionar dos recetas de nuestros socios italianos.
8. Preparar dichas recetas en clase y grabar nuevamente vídeos del producto final.
9. Skype y " chats-rooms" sobre la experiencia entre alumnado.
10. Evaluación final a través de un documento colaborativo de formulario Google.

Resultado: ¡Excelente!. 
Dirígete al Twinspace para disfrutar de este proyecto: